By June 15, 2020Journal

1.5 gallons. That’s the exact quantity water takes to kill you. 16. That’s the exact number of bottles of water it takes to end you. 16. That’s the exact age that breaks you…. or perhaps, makes you?


I’ve met two kinds of people in my life. The ones that made out alive from this snare of sweet sixteen and the ones that couldn’t. Belonging to the latter lot, I can, without hesitation, say Sweet Sixteen never came easy for me. Rowing and paving my way through waves I managed to anchor my boat. 3 months later, I lost the will to voyage. 6 months later, I lost my fuel. 9 months later, I lost my way back home. 12 months later, I lost myself. While everyone was rushing to prepare for the next expedition, I stood there admiring the beauty of the view before my eyes. It pacified me but at the same time, ran chills down my spine. What if I can’t meet the raised bar? Ironic how we’ve been taught that early bird gets the worm, but haste makes waste. All good things come to him who waits, but a stitch in time saves nine. Here’s when dreams step into the play.

You could dream of endless voyages or endless beauty of the vast sea. You could dream of endless luxuries of the future or endless beauty of the present. To the 16 year olds out there, let no one impose their lifestyle on you regarding how to live your life. Dream your own dreams, desire your own desires and destine your own destinies. Dreams hold different meanings for different individuals. They may have dictated the protocol to succeed, but they can’t dictate to you your dreams. In the end what matters is, your understanding and comfort with what makes you happy and what puts you at peace with yourself.


What’s baffling is how something that gives you life, has the potential to take it away too. Let me rephrase this. It baffles me how something that can kill you, has an equal potential to give you life too. The five letter word could be either water or dream, I see no difference. You either die living your dream in the present every day or live dying every day for your dream to come true in the future. The choice is yours.