By June 15, 2020Journal

Travel makes you modest, it really does. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world and ever will. It introduces you to a sphere of its own, magnifies your emotions. Could you possibly be somewhere & nowhere, all at the same time?


It was not the usual day for me anymore. The day gave me a contingency to clean my window pane and look through a new perspective.  I was amidst a different atmosphere, an atmosphere that comforted me but gave me chills; made me feel homely but homesick. Strolling down the streets of London, an unfamiliar city in an unfamiliar country gave me the edge. I think that’s what makes us embrace change every now and then. It’s metaphorically essential for humans to discard their skin and put on a new one once in a while.


People fear change. So did I … until it suffocated me. Suffocated me to an extent where I couldn’t get myself to understand what the hell was going on! Everyone craves a change that they are unwilling to implement. Again, how could you possibly love and fear change, at the same time? But that’s the bipolarity I’m willing to risk everything for. The thought of living the same sedimentary lifestyle scares me.  I mean why would one want to? Phasing towards new responsibilities with each growing day, quite surprisingly, I no more repel temporariness. It makes me want to make room for new habits, new memories, new people and new relationships. It’s practically stupid to hoard old baggage, unless it’s really worth it. We have waited for apologies yet to be accepted, expectations yet to be fulfilled, closures yet to be sought.

It’s time to unpack the luggage now. Everyone’s told you to ‘let it all go’. Believe me when I say this, it’s not that easy. Nothing has ever been a cakewalk for us. But aren’t you tired?  Of the same reel playing over and over and over? The reel that reflects your flaws, errors, guilt and incompleteness. Well, it’s high time you burn this reel.


Unlock your bags, clear up the clutter and make space for new clothes, accessories and food (if you’re a gujju). Your “I’ll wake up at 7am from tomorrow”, your planner and stationery, your new skincare routine, your “I’m gonna be a new person from tomorrow” awaits  you. My question to you is, do you have what it takes to exc… I mean make yourself feel like YOUR SELF again?